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Wavelet and Wavelet Packet project

Wavelet and Wavelet
Packet project
  • C#, C++ source code
  • Calling example
  • Easy to implement

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Wavelet and Wavelet Packet project has two source code projects (Visual Studio C# and C++) including the same wavelet and wavelet packet transform classes as the Filter Design product. Wavelet and Wavelet Packet project introduces the classes with their calling environments with the help of examples.

What do the C# and C++ classes contain?

  • Wavelet and Wavelet packet bands computation with or without downsampling (selectable),
  • Requires Lp and Hp filter banks (Lp is neccessary, Hp is optional),
  • It can operate even if Hp filter is not defined. In this case Hp coefficients will be computed automatically,
  • Spectra computation (RMS, Average) for given interval,
  • Easy to implement,
  • FIFO or fix length computation,
  • Signals of the different bands are synchronized with the input and with each other,
  • Lp wavelet basis can be designed by Filter Design program (traditional or novel),
  • Other wavelet filters also can be applied (e.g. Haar, Daub, etc).

Why recommended to buy it?

In the practice writing well tested wavelet, wavelet packet classes takes some weeks even if its theory is well known.

  • Reduces development time,
  • It can be implemented in minutes,
  • Well tested code,
  • Its price is very low, not more than one day salary of an engineer.

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User Manuals:

FIR IIR Filter Design

IIR and FIR filters can be designed by the most commonly used methods in a user-friendly environment. IIR filters up to 20 degrees, FIR filters up to 9999 taps. It provides many graphs to check the operation of the filters. This program is also suitable for designing wavelet basis filter for Filter Bank Design.

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Filter Scope

It provides effective assistance in testing digital filters and filter banks on real signals. It supports creating test records and also has the capability to decompose signals to frequency bands, to calculate wavelet, wavelet packet and FFT spectra.

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Filter Bank Design

Filter banks can be designed by Wavelet and Wavelet Packet transform in a user-friendly environment using the Filter Bank Design program. This program calculates frequency response graphs of all Wavelet bands. The Novel method eliminates crosstalk distortion.

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