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Filter Design Revision List

Pulished versionsDateNew featuresRepaired Bugs
V1.0.1.023-09-2014First published version
V1.0.2.029-09-2014Additional documentation
V1.0.3.005-10-2014Licence disabled when restart program
V1.0.5.022-10-2014Additional documentation
V1.1.0.029-09-2015Add Filtered Record To Test Record,
Extended FFT length,
Optimize checkbox,
Auto zoom checkbox,
Logarithm vertical axis in FilterBank Design,
Desired Frequency Bands table,
ParksMcClellan algorithms,
Change licence modes
Disable points outside of drawing area,
V1.1.2.005-10-2015Editing functions in Filter Scope support Wavelet spectra computation of complex signals
V1.2.2.019-10-2015Display combination of wavelet bands,
Frequency range on picture,
Modified Hp computation in wavelet transform,
Faster wavelet and wavelet packet computation,
Modified design,
V1.2.4.008-11-2015Adding DownSampling function to Filter Scope
V1.2.5.010-01-2016Cost saving Rental Licence function.
V1.2.6.021-03-2016New FIR filter types are available,
Moving Average filter,
Delay filter
Fir phase display
V2.0.0.005-29-2017Renewed design, all graphs are resizable, extended test record features.